About of AntContextMenu

AntContextMenu, is the jQuery context menu plug-in of AntProduction. It is based on jQuery UI Menu. The context menu, AntContextMenu, appears on right mouse cleck event.

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Documentation of AntContextMenu

Fields Description
disableClickEventItemWithSubMenu [boolean] Booleant to disable click event on Item with submenu
margin [json] margin is a json object that contains css margins of context menu. It's compounded by :
  • defaultMarginX: margins left and right
  • defaultMarginY: margins top and bottom
position [json] defined the offset to be applied to the mouse cursor coordinates to position the upper left corner of the context menu when opened.
  • defaultMenuPositionX: offset to be applied to X coordinate
  • defaultMenuPositionY: offset to be applied to Y coordinate
contextMenuSelector [string] The selector of the AntContextMenu

Samples of AntContextMenu

Basic sample of AntContextMenu. Try it

Tips of AntContextMenu

How to bind event on items of AntContextMenu ?

made as usual. for example:

    $(".ui-menu-item").bind(function() {...})

How to select item without sub menu ?

the selector is:


How to select item with sub menu ?

the selector is:


How to disable an item ?

For exemple to disable 2nd item use :