Modal MsgDialogBox with advanced settings and advanced content

The content of MsgDialogBox could be every html content: text, form, table ... It's possible to define your own title or html.

Source Code

$(document).ready(function() {
	//To use advanced settings, you must define var.
	var msg = new AntMessageBox();
	$("#open").click(function () {
		//Variables to AntMessageBox
		var content = "<article style='width: 650px'><p style='display: inline-block; width:48%'>Nec piget dicere avide magis hanc .... </article>"
		var title ="My title";
		var target_element_id = "#zone"; //you can use all selector's of jQuery to select target of content of MsgDialogBox
		var is_modal = 'true';
		msg.initDialogBox(title, target_element_id);					
		msg.MsgDialogBox(content, is_modal);